Curriculum Vitae
Luca Cerchiari - Musicologist
(Born 1957 in Milan, Italy)

Education: Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology (University of Graz, Austria); BA in Music (DAMS, University of Bologna); Proficiency Diploma in English; High School (Liceo Classico).

Areas of specialization: African-American musical civilization; music discography and videography; european and american musical comedy; professional training for careers in the music industry.

Teaching activities:
Since 2017 History of pop and jazz music in the Arts, shows and cultural events course, Milan-IULM University
Since 2014 Popular music in the Dams/city of Imperia course, University of Genoa; 2014-2015 Director of Milan IULM University Master course in Music publishing and production (see IULM Milano)
Since 2014 African-American Musical Civilization in the MA course in Music and Performing Arts, University of Padua
Since 2011 Winner of national professorship in Ethnomusicology (Associate professor)
Since 2004 Music Discography and Videography for the Multimedia Market (Publishing and communications for the multimedia market, University of Verona)
2003-2004 Courses for the MA in Transatlantic Studies (Universities of Padua and Birmingham)
Since 2001 African-American Musical Civilization (Dams, University of Padua)
2001-2003 Music and Discography (CLEACC, Milan's Università Bocconi)
2000-2001 History of Music Printing and Publishing (Corso di Diploma e Laurea in Conservazione dei Beni Culturali, University of Udine-Gorizia Campus)
2000-2001 Music disciplines (extension course at Milan's Università Bocconi)
1997-2000 African-American Musical Civilization (DAMS, University of Turin)
1992-1999 Professor, director and tutor in professional training courses promoted by Region of Lombardy-European Union with Echomusic Cultural Association (over 5.000 hrs, 9 courses)
Since 1991 Conferences and seminars at various cultural institutions and universities (Milan's Statale, Milan's IULM, Udine, Padua, Mulhouse, Paris, Nice, Darmstadt, Lugano, Leuwen, Graz, Boston, New York, Newark, Houston, Bratislava)
1987-1990 Jazz History and Aesthetics (Civici corsi di jazz e per operatori musicali, Milan, of which he was also a founder).

Selected Publications (books): Arrigo Polillo (1919-1984). An international master of jazz criticism, Mimesis, Milan 2021 (co-editor with Roberto Polillo); Mina. Una voce universale, Mondadori, Milan 2020 [Mina. A universal voice]; Dal ragtime a Wagner. Treemonisha, opera in tre atti di Scott Joplin, Mimesis, Sesto San Giovanni 2020 [From ragtime to Wagner. Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha, opera in three acts]; Jazz e fascismo. Dalla nascita della radio a Gorni Kramer, Mimesis, Sesto San Giovanni 2019 [Jazz and fascism. From the birth of radio to Gorni Kramer]; Storia del musical. Teatro e cinema da Offenbach alla musica pop [A History of the Musical Comedy], Bompiani, Milan 2017; Il jazz è 'pop': voce e strumento (Jazz is 'pop': voice and instruments), Fiorina, Varzi-Pavia 2016; Miles Davis. Dal bebop all'hip-hop [Miles Davis. From Bebop to Hip-Hop], Feltrinelli, Milan 2013; Eurojazzland. Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics and Contexts, Northeastern University Press, Lebanon 2012 (editor with Laurent Cugny and Franz Kerschbaumer); Curci Music Publisher. 1860-2010, the first 150 Years, Curci, Milan 2010 (in English and Italian); Intorno al jazz. Musiche transatlantiche: Africa, Europa, America [Around jazz. Transatlantic Musics: Africa, Europe, America], Bompiani, Milan 2007; Greensleeves: una vicenda transatlantica. Da William Shakespeare a John Coltrane [Greensleeves: a transatlantic story. From William Shakespeare to John Coltrane] (with Samuele Pellizzari), Stampatori, Turin 2007; Allen, Ware and McKim Garrison, Slave Songs of the United States (editor with Roberto Leopardi of It. trans.), L'Epos, Palermo 2004; Jazz e fascismo in Italia. Dalla nascita della radio a Gorni Kramer [Jazz and Fascism in Italy. From the Birth of Radio to Gorni Kramer], L'Epos, Palermo 2003; Dal ragtime a Wagner. Scott Joplin e Treemonisha [From Ragtime to Wagner. Scott Joplin and Treemonisha], L'Epos, Palermo 2001; Il disco. Musica, tecnologia, mercato [The Record. Music, Technology and Market], Sansoni, Milan 2001 (new edition, Odoya, Bologna 2014); Miles Davis. Dal be-bop al jazz-rock (1945-1991) [Miles Davis. From Bebop to Jazz-Rock (1945-1991)] Mondadori, Milano 2001, 2006, 2008 (new edition, Feltrinelli, Milan 2012); Frank Sinatra fra belcantismo, jazz e drammaturgia [Frank Sinatra - Between Belcanto, Jazz and Dramaturgy] (editor), Trauben/Stampatori, Turin, 1999; Civiltà musicale afro-americana [African-American Musical Civilization], Mondadori, Milan 1999; Il jazz. Una civiltà musicale afro-americana ed europea [Jazz. An African-American and European Civilization], Bompiani, Milan 1997, 2001, 2005; Il jazz su disco [Jazz on Record] (with Vittorio Castelli), Mondadori, Milan 1983; Il jazz degli anni Settanta [Jazz in the 1970s] (editor), Gammalibri, Milan 1980, 1984

Cerchiari directs for Mimesis Pub.Co. the book serie “Contemporary music”(“Musica contemporanea”). He writes for music magazines and for the weekly magazine L’Osservatore. Since 1977 he has hosted a variety of radio programs on RAI and on Swiss National Radio and produced concert series for public and private institutions. He directed the International Record Archive (Region of Lombardy) and the Record Library of the Padua University.

Mobile: ++39 338 5086962
Addresses (home): Via Privata Umberto Fracchia, 6-20125 Milan; (postal): Piazza Lima, 1-20124 Milan, Italy

University of Milan-IULM
School for Communication and Faculty of Arts, tourism and markets
Tel. (02) 89141-2446 (http://www.iulm.it)

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